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Preorder: Will be ready and sent by 10/31


Introducing the Awakening Oil from the Kay Chi Collection. This oil is to be used for shadow work, healing, cleansing, psychic awareness, spiritual gifts, connecting with your ancestors and higher self. Many ways to use this high vibrational oil but here are a few: -add to third eye for meditation or -rub on other energy portals for enhanced insight on healing those areas that are out of balance -enjoy in baths for an enlightening experience -use in floor washes for creating a sacred space for ancestors, angels and benevolent spirits - use before channeling, skrying, automatic journaling, or an intuitive exercise -dress candles or other tools / divination -anoint hands before energy work / reiki for in depth vision and power with self or clients The oil is versatile and can be used topically on skin, hair and tools. Not to be confused with the power of the awakening perfume.


While the magic in this oil is ancient and powerful, it will work differently for everyone. State your intentions clearly and be open for it to work it's best. There are no refunds for this product. Insurance will cover any missing or broken packages.

Awakening Oil