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Introducing the Medicine Woman Powder from the Kay Chi Collection. Herb powder that summons the shaman for deep healing within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is a versatile powder that can be used in multiple ways, some are as follows:

-Wash your hands with a mixture of water and the ritual powder for healing work. Can be used for energy healing (reiki, violet flame, etc) and physical healing (surgery, treating patients, etc) 

-Place in the bath for soaking or place in a bowl with Florida water and coconut milk and rub on your body from your feet up to your neck.

-Work herbs into your candle work, spell jars, or any ritual that calls for healing.

-Carry in a satchet with you to promote good health.

-Get creative with it! Speak with Kay Chi and the spirit of the herbs and they will advise you. 


While the magic in this powder is ancient and powerful, it will work differently for everyone. State your intentions clearly and be open for it to work its best. There are no refunds for this product. Insurance will cover any missing or broken packages.

Medicine Woman Ritual Powder