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Introducing Surrender Perfume from the Mazela Ancestor Collection. This ancestor essence is perfect for gaining favor in any situation. Want that job? Spray before. Negotiating on a house? Use it. Want your person to be more aggressive in bed? Definitely a must. This perfume has true flexibility in pushing your will into reality and boosting confidence. Spray with intent and watch your vibe be contagious. Comes in a 30 ml bottle.


Ways to use but not limited to:

  • Spraying in the room before meditation, spellwork, etc. 
  • Spray on yourself for daily use.
  • Write affirmations and spray your paper, keeping it on you. 


Do not use directly on flame. It is flammable. 


While the magic in this perfume is ancient and powerful, spirit will work differently for everyone. State your intentions clearly and be open for it to work it's best. There are no refunds for this product. Insurance will cover any missing or broken packages. 


Disclaimer: My spirits work to remove obstacles, release old thought forms, people and situations that hinder you. Essentially it works with you long term to bring success. The best thing you can do to aid the work is to work on yourself, release without resistance and be open to change. My Spirits may warn you of consequences before making decisions, may steer you in another direction, or block things that have negative attachments or experiences that arent necessary for your success.

Surrender Perfume