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Welcome ✨

This is our home, our space of unconditional love and acceptance. This is a space of remembering who we are. Spirit gave many messages about our social media changing in the next few years and also gave me vision of how this sacred space will come together as a hub eventually for our tribe. As I am experiencing comfort in creating spaces that are unfiltered, un surveillanced, and multidimensional, I pray that it serves you in a life changing way.

I ask that we respect and honor each other's experiences as we all evolve and also share wisdom when you feel guided to. Show grace to one another as we remember who we are in our cosmic DNA, beyond this experience. I will be consulting spirit for every move that is to be made in this space, including if I am guided to remove access to some.

This will be nurishment. Love on this space as it feeds you. Love on one another. Love on yourself.

I look forward to our journey together. I love you, the Divine loves you.

Zayne Spirit❤✨

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