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Astral Projection and Astral Travel

As we expand in our overall wellness practices and go deeper into ourselves, it is completely normal to experience one or both of these. It is also completely okay if you experience neither. Know that everyone's journey is their own, but if you are interested in working with astral travel and projection or want to know for when it does happen, then this is the right place. As always, meditate on this information and see how it sits with you. This is simply what is reflected on my experience and what has been shown to me, that does not mean that you can't uncover other things regarding this or any other topic that I cover. Expand and be open to your own personal experiences, always.

Astral projection is when your astral body (conscious soul) leaves your body to explore or be shown things, usually in meditation. In the process of this, you will often feel yourself being pulled or "slipping" out of your body. For most people, this can be scary or unsettling when we aren't sure of what to do or what is going on. This fear usually stems from feeling unsafe, so the practice I recommend before meditation is to cleanse, protect and ground yourself and your space. This covers your basis on feeling safe and aids you in reaffirming the safety of your body and spirit when this takes place. I have a previous post on cleansing and protection called "visualization" but for grounding, I recommend envisioning roots coming out of your feet or the end of your spine from your root chakra, seeing it go deep into the earth. This anchors the body, allows you to restore, rest, and integrate spiritual messages into the body with more ease. When you feel the shift while leaving your body, breathe, calm yourself and surrender. Identify where the fear is rooted if you experience fear. Allow curiosity to take the driver's seat as your spirit is taking you where you need to go. If it helps you, ask your higher self or spirit team to guide you in that transition and to bring you back safely in your body. This intention alone aids us in trusting ourselves and the process. Sometimes you will know you have went somewhere but do not have recollection of it, that is okay too. No need to pressure yourself in these experiences. Make sure to write down the experience, the feelings, and even if you don't remember anything. Writing it down aids you in remembering the fullness of that experience for later. There have been times where I was asleep, but traveled around my home or was consciously aware of what is happening in this reality while in the realm, so I remained in the same dimension and traveled which I still call that astral projecting. This usually doesn't feel like you are sleep because you are fully conscious and in this realm still.

I recommend the visualization of cleansing, protection and grounding before bed every night as well, which will go into our discussion of astral traveling. Astral traveling usually takes place when your spirit calls for you to experience something very vividly in another dimension, reality or place in time while sleeping. This is often where I experience being in different bodies, recalling experiences that my soul remembers, or preparing me for what is to come in this realm of existence with an experience that reflects these shifts. This comes very natural and the elements in the experience are often very telling of what is happening physically and spiritually simultaneously. You usually leave that experience with something deeper. Journal all of your experiences, even the dreams that are purging of emotions. Even journaling regular dreams helps with the movement of more traveling. Closing your portals before bed, meditation into sleep and setting the intention of your spirit taking you where you need to go also assists in astral traveling. I recommend staying away from electronics 1 hour before bed, keeping your phone away from you when sleeping and mugwort tea can also help with travels before bed.

May these recommendations and experiences aid you in your journey. I look forward to reading some of your experiences too!

i love you, the divine loves you.

Zayne Spirit


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