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Connecting to the Water Spirit

Connecting to the Spirit of Water brings us deeper into our own flow, intuition, emotions, bodies, purification, and so much more. I wanted to provide a few methods of connecting with the Spirit of Water on a regular basis so that this intention becomes second nature.

  • Talk to your water and place affirmations into it as you drink it. You can also ask for clarity on something, drink the water, and the answer will come to you.

  • Speak cleansing and the release of anything not serving you during a shower meditation or a bath.

  • Place your hands on any part of your body and breathe deeply, allowing the breath to move into your cells. Our body is made up of majority of water, and breathing life into those cells and the water in the body aids us in connecting with our emotions.

  • If you are boiling a pot of water for cooking or tea, use a spoon (even better if it's copper) to stir counterclockwise in the pot. Set you Intention or gaze into the water to see what comes to you.

  • Place water in a bowl, get into a meditative state and gaze into the water. Ask the Spirit of Water to bring you whatever messages are needed at this time.

  • Thank the rain when it comes and go out into the rain to allow it to cleanse you. You can also collect rain water for rituals.

There are endless ways to connect but try these and let me know what you experience!

Zayne Spirit ❤️


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