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Cord Cutting

What are energetic cords?

When we create attachments (with other people, places or things) we are creating cords that make codependency present and can pull / Influence our energy. By removing any attachments / cords, we are releasing the control that it has over us (make sure you do not give control again). This is the power that was subconsciously or consciously given to the other being. Power that we must claim back as our own, because that is what is healthy. Since we are already experiencing ourselves through our reflections (other people / our relationships) there is no need to create worldly codependency, expectations or anything outside of love. Love is not controlling nor holding on. It just is. You can tell when a cord needs to be removed when emotions dictate the relationship and your decisions. If you are cloudy in your intuition around this person or situation, this is a cord that needs to be severed. No connection should ever take you further away from yourself.

How to cut cords:

The first component that is very crucial would be visualization of the cord(s) being pulled out of you, completely uprooted. You would need to locate the cord in meditation. Begin by setting your intention of cleansing and protection around you and the room. Take deep breaths in the belly, visualize a white light coming through your crown and moving all the way down to your feet and then into the ground. See roots coming from your feet, planting you in Mother Earth to keep you grounded. See white light become centered in your solar plexus (stomach) and the project this light around you like a bubble. This is your protection so make the bubble thick and solid. Once you are ready, continue your deep breaths and go into a meditative state. Once you are tapped in and feeling connected, you would need to go to where the cord is. This looks different for everyone, but my cords are in a “connection room” where all of my connections and relationships are. I walk through a door to get there after summoning it and stating my intentions. Let your higher self take you to your cord. Once you have found the cord that is needed to be removed, see it being pulled out of you and even the other person. You can even sever this connection with fire, burning it completely.

This is where I say my mantras of transmutation for the energy to evolve. As the cords are being burned, I say “I am transmuting you into love and dissolving you into the universe for my highest good.” I send love to the person I am disconnecting with and once it is done in meditation, I say my thank you for the experience and I also listen to my elders to see if there is anything else needed to learn from the situation. I take time to journal the process. You may see memories of you and this person pop up to provide some perspective on your lessons. It may come to you in dreams, writing, meditation, or through any way you are open to receive. Be open to what you need to learn.

In addition to the meditation cutting, you can also pair it with a spirit bath, cord cutting candle ritual, black walnut bath, or any other type of magic you are drawn to.

Candle Ritual:

Take one white candle (to represent purification) and carve your name into it, and one black candle (to represent the attachment not forming again) with the other persons name. Tie a string (represents your cord) around both candles so that they connect but make sure to separate them (to symbolize the removal of these attachments) so that the cord is severed by the flame. Pay attention to the flame, the way the wax drips, any smoke, etc. Speak separation of this connection that is no longer healthy and fill it with love.

Here is my Spirit bath recipe:

Medicine woman ritual powder (for healing on every level)

Coconut milk

Florida water


Bring water to a slight boil in a medium pot, add about 2 teaspoons of MWRP, about 1 tablespoon FW, half cup of coconut milk. You can add oils, I usually do awakening and protection oil together from my site but that’s up to you. Get in the shower, clean your body, then work the mixture from your feet up while the water is off. Then rinse with cold water once finished.

This bath is to remove any and all attachments, stagnant energy, and brings a DEEP cleansing as well as HEALING. Healing is a key component after a cord cutting.


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