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Daily Discipline

This is partial to a post that I created on facebook with my daily routine, but I wanted to pair it with some insight around why I do these things and the benefits. The intention is really key to having a solid discipline that caters to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My discipline methods change as needed and I've noticed that I do better just listening to spirit about what I need to abstain from and what I need to incorporate in my routine.

As soon as I rise from the astral, I take deep breaths and recall my dreams. I write those in my phone immediately but I don’t read messages, social media or do anything outside of my notes. I say my gratitude for the rising and I also have started asking spirit 4 things (got this from queer cosmos) — “spirit what do you want me to do today? Where do you want me to go? Who do you want me to talk to? What do you want me to say?” The reason for keeping away from social media or messages early on is to maintain clarity within. I do not want to include anyone else's energy in my time that is dedicated to listening to spirit. This is a form of respect that is like turning off your phone while spending time with someone special. You want to make the most of that time and honor every aspect of that relationship with yourself and spirit team. I meditate usually 10-20 minutes before getting out of bed. Sometimes I’ll lay there and let my imagination run to get a form of “play” before being active. This is where I manifest, see myself enjoying things, traveling, etc. The purpose of this is to tend to my inner child and visualize the reality that I am stepping into everyday. Focus is what turns your visions alive. Stretch is next. I have been investing in equipment so with the stretches, I’ve incorporated a yoga mat, leg weights, a stretch band, etc. but you can just stretch in a variety of ways that is good for you without all that. Being in tune with your breath and the movement of your body allows for time dedicated to encouraging your cells to heal, rebuild, and for energy to move out of your body that doesn't serve you. This is a practice that brings alignment to the physical and spiritual.

I may or may not check my phone by this point to see if there is anything That I must be present for but usually not unless it’s client response or checking in with my friend group. I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth, take my Seamoss capsules, drink water, and if I’m eating — I’ll begin with fruit to break the fast. Fruit is easiest to process first thing. I also use a jade roller on my face of tense parts of my body.

I chill with Luna and smoke for a bit, this is my time with music or responding to messages. Mid day nap times are also crucial to me. My body operates best when I sleep and work in smaller increments. Knowing your body is really important and it is okay if you are still learning about you.

I don’t start working until 11 am usually. Sometimes I’ll work earlier or later, but I do my best to stay away from sessions early and stick to paperwork/ office stuff if I do work early. I shower, then take a look at my sessions for the day, prepare, and if I have time before hand, I’ll go for a walk or handle any errands so I get the sunlight. I sun gaze a lot and walk to the pond. I leave offerings out there and ask for the land spirits to continue taking care of me. This is a good way to work in your grounding exercises with your bare feet on the ground. Talking with the land spirits always brings me comfort and a sense of wonder. They will show you the magic that everyone misses.

Once my sessions are done for the day, between 5- 7 pm or so, I take a break, walk, cook and then my late night is usually office work, planning, rituals, and anime. Before bed — I meditate, close my portals, do deep breathing, gratitude, and I have a tea light candle ritual that happens almost every night. I speak over everything I do, setting the intention into my food, cleaning, walking, breathing, drinking, sleeping, etc. It's all intentional because the universe is mental.

This schedule shifts depending, especially because I go through seasons of barely sleeping when I’m creating. The biggest thing that helps me is to flow with the energy. I align my schedule to the days of the week (aka why Tuesday / Mars day is my busiest day and Monday/ moonday is mostly introspective)

I hope this helps ❤️ this keeps me strong spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’ve slowly created this way of living over time, so I suggest shifting slowly too. Just take note of what energizes you and what keeps you low then make shifts as needed.

What is in your daily discipline?



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