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Did Spirit Give That Assignment To you?

Ask “did spirit assign me this directly or did I set up an assignment for myself?”

Sometimes we get caught up in commitments that aren't in alignment with the spirit assignment. Then we forget the task and our spirits go quiet. They wait for us to notice that we made something up that is most likely a defense mechanism, a distraction created within self because the growth spirit takes you to is something that will expose your pain, bring you to healing and it will be uncomfortable. When we realize we feel lost in our own assignments, tied down to this big commitment, that is when we realize that we have neglected the true message. Sometimes we create more work for us to do than what is necessary. Your spirit team did not leave you during this time. They simply know that you are not ready to move on with the next movement until you have accepted and finished the preparation for that step. Spirit will not have us in spaces that we are not prepared for. Spirit will not open the doors that we are not ready for. We may sometimes feel underprepared when we are not present in each moment. If you have felt underprepared for your situations then you may not be truly listening, observing and breathing presently. Let go of the thoughts about the past and the future. Let those thoughts consume you less and less. Focus on the right now. How can you soak it up more?

We usually create responsibilities for ourselves that isn't within our assignment because we are basing the action on something not within the right now. Focus on the inhale, sit in that moment, then slowly exhale. Focus on breathing presently more and more.


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