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Energetic BBL: Shapeshifting Magic

Your cells listen best to you when you have full confidence in them being able to transmute or move. Your cells respond to what you think of yourself. Think of your cells as “mini yous” that go around your vessel to work, heal, and carry information/ energy. An important note is that your body responds best when it feels LOVED. Accepted. Appreciated. Speak gratitude into it every step. Make choices that feel good to your body on a regular basis and your cells will surely move with greater companionship due to your efforts. Each step of care is an important one. Some cells are carrying baggage / weight that no longer serves you. Some cells don’t feel strong enough to carry the load at all. If you are looking to shift your body anyway you want — whether it’s gaining weight, losing weight or healing your body completely, the main idea is to visualize you in your entirety, from the cell make up to your organs and functions. It doesn’t have to be straight from the book, so don’t stress over visualizing perfectly. The key is to do this exercise intuitively so you trust what you see in your minds eye more than anything. YOU know your body in and out. Trust what it is telling you. Cleanse and protect you and your space before beginning.

Start with breathing exercises and mindfulness activities. The stronger your mind is, the better you become at this. You need to be fully aware of yourself. When you breathe in, do you feel your nose hairs tingle? What about the sinking of your stomach on the exhale? Do you feel the energy move from your crown to your feet? Feel yourself and explore with curiosity.

Place your hands palm upwards and see, feel, experience your energy coming out of your hands. This usually is a tingle but if you haven’t done this, you may feel a slight pain from backed up energy. Once the energy feels good and clear from your hands, then place them where you want to shape shift. Sit and communicate with the area of your body, listen, and be open to see what is going on. You may uncover energy that is holding that body weight in that position from trauma or protection.

My first method is specifically with the fat cell. Your fat cells are majority water so as you have your hands placed in the space you wish to release these cells, envision them bursting and the water moving into your bladder. This way you are proactively releasing any waste / energy that doesn’t serve you anymore.

My next one is carrying cells from one side of my body to another area. You can call this an energetic BBL. I begin with building muscle where I want to gain (like booty) and I do this by envisioning that area growing, I see the shape that I want and I focus on that. I even exercise in meditation (yes I envision me exercising and my body actually sweats / aches and responds to the workout) I keep that vision in my mind and send out a signal for my cells to know what our plan looks like. Then I isolate my fat cells in my stomach, for example, with a energy bubble (this I see in my mind) — slowly guiding them through my body and into the area that I want them to be in. I send love, healing, and comfort to my body once I have made this transition because those cells just made a HUGE change. I take time to celebrate me and them (all parts of me) before doing this again so that I’m not overwhelming my body or mind.

Pair with any other type of magic such as fire or water divination, or all elements to honor your vessel in ceremony. This will get the energy moving, to transmute, cleanse and enforce a stronger vessel.

I love you, the divine loves you.

Zayne + spirits

Here was a major transition of 6 months for me. You are beautiful now, and you are beautiful in every version of yourself. This is to proactively, and LOVINGLY work on your vessel however you please.


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