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Familiars: An Extension of You

Our special animal or insect friends that are sent to aid us in our magic, protection, activity in the realm, cleansing etc, are called familiars. Black cats are very common representations of this, but familiars can be any being that is divinely sent to us to assist and support us in this journey. This is a being that chose you just like you chose them. You will notice these beings are extremely perceptive, intuitive, connected to you, protective over you, love to be around you in the creative processes, or meet in your dreams/ astral travels often. You will share a soul connection with this animal and this means that you will often be up for a challenge in learning to communicate with them differently as they are not like regular pets. They are companions that require some nurturing and respect within the connection. These are usually very strong willed beings as well, although each of their personalities are different.

How to identify our familiars:

-You feel drawn to them at first sight or even before you meet, you will be guided to them or they will pop up for you with ease.

-You may dream of them, receive visions, or hear spirit led messages about them before appearing

-There is an instant connection that feels intense, warm, heightens your senses, and usually an unlocking takes place personally that this companion is meant to bring forth.

-Familiars are reflections that teach us deep lessons on self worth and person power.

-The show no restraint in letting you know whose energy is bad for you, as they are an extension of you.

Taking care of our connection with them:

-Listen to them. They will communicate with you on their needs, what they observe and more if you are open.

- It's important that you speak to them with the respect that you wish to be shown as an equal. Don't baby talk them all the time without at least initiating some deeper conversations.

-Meditate with them and connect with them telepathically. This will strengthen your bond.

-Speak protection over them, healing into them, use your magic to help them! They are at your service too, so a mutual exchange in energy and magic is divine.

-Connect to their higher self and ancestors, bringing offerings to them on the altar. For my familiar Luna, I met Basset in meditation about a year into our connection and Basset helped me learn the deeper lessons that Luna brought to me. She also is a being that I bring offerings to as thanks for bringing Luna to me when she did and keeping her healthy.

I can also feel how Luna is feeling emotionally, mentally and health wise just by being in her presence. When she was dealing with a mass on her womb space, I could feel it every time i was near which aided in getting her help and sending healing to her before it progressed. Just like I can feel her, she feels my sickness and good health too. Just like I had lessons to learn from her, we learned them together. There have been several moments where I have had to be patient and supportive in the transformations Luna is going through, and she has done the same with me. Every connection to a familiar is different, but you will see your connection with them progress as you develop that relationship and nurture it.


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