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Focusing On Your Why

There is always something leading up to our moments of truth, covered deep within our shadow and healing that alludes to our soul purpose. There are no coincidences and the many signs pointing to our highest good come from within. You are born connected to everything, and often we ignore our intuition for so long that by the time we are looking for our “why” and reflecting — we are met with confusion. Perhaps we never even asked our why or settled for someone else’s why. This is perfectly okay! Trusting the process is necessary and often in my own journey I would wonder, “why go through all this trouble?” and then later realized how needed it all was. The confusion I felt (and still feel sometimes) is always the GATEWAY to the self discovery that will bring me back to my soul purpose. Spirit will jolt us out of comfort for the sake of growth. This discomfort will almost always be a giant in your testimony. The giant that made you realize that you are brave. The giant that reminded you to overcome adversity. The giant that showed you that where you are now is not where it ends. We begin to think “when was I happy? When have I been at ease?” These questions are so crucial in our journey because they require us to look within to change how we have lived up until now. We have a choice to blame our unhappiness on others, or we can take responsibility for what shifts our lives and be the masters of our reality. When you take responsibility for your life and the way you live, this is an elevation of consciousness that will pour into you a million times over and will essentially be a component to working through some of the toughest battles moving forward. It will also help to bring you to your why.

What have you always felt passionate about since you can remember? Think back to the earliest years of your life and reflect on what has been the motivation and joy for you. Then ask “how does this resonate with me now?” —

Sitting with my inner child and understanding my innate drive as a child is what has aided me in unfolding so many of my gifts and talents. It has helped me to realize how multifaceted/ multidimensional I am, as well as how all of these things contribute to my soul’s purpose here in this existence. Since we are all connected, and much of my childhood held resentment and abandonment from the womb/ mother, my why began with pondering on why I choose my family. I feel that this is the trigger for many and spirit wants us to remember the us that we see in them. How do we relate? What is the root of our differences? These differences help us to grow and show the conditioning of each person’s experience. The first lesson I ever learned through spiritually awakening in the midst of witnessing domestic abuse within my mom’s marriage was that I must learn to love me. I went through months of being angry at my step dad and mother to waking up and seeing that everyone is human having this experience. I realized that grace was needed but so are boundaries so that I could choose to love me (or figure out what that really is along the way.) It made sense that neglect in my family is what drives me to heal my family’s DNA and ancestors now.. These patterns can be broken with me but I know that only I am responsible for me. In this lesson, spirit taught me the pain and freedom of detachment. (attachment being the root of suffering in humanity) Spirit also showed me that by just healing and focusing on living my best, others around me will follow because the healing of self is connected to the entire collective. We do not need to force enlightenment upon anyone else’s reality. We must trust that their spirit is also working in their favor just as ours has been for us. This is not my only why, so limiting yourself isn’t needed. Just flow with what comes and you will feel it with your entire being when it is for you.

If you have been on this journey for quite a while, it can be easy to forget your initial why or even neglecting to see if your why has been more precisely defined. I sit with spirit often to keep the foundations of what I do at the center which requires an open heart space. Open to give and receive freely. Knowing your abundance in self means that you are not swayed by the limiting worth others place upon you. You are no longer confined to manipulation of existing but revived in the freedom of living. When we find ourselves away from the path of our why, trampling our joy and love with temporary distractions, know that even the detour was essential. Trust that the detour is apart of the actual path that you have been taking all along. You will always get to where you are meant to be and honoring the present will equip you with the gems needed to move forward. Transitions will continue to take place in our lives, and so focusing on changing with more grace, ease, and kindness will aid in weathering the storms.

Write down your why and keep it pinned somewhere that you will see it often. Hold on to your why, as it will remind you that everything has purpose. It will center you when you feel overwhelmed. It will be the guiding light when you only see darkness. If your why no longer resonates, approach this self exploration with curiosity and compassion.

If you haven’t recognized your why, that is reason enough to keep exploring.

I love you, the Divine loves you.

Zayne + Spirits


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