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Healing Dis-ease

Healing from dis-ease ✨

We commonly know disease to be what spreads in the body, disabling our flow so that we do not function properly. I can tell you that it goes deeper than the physical so I’m going to acknowledge the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body to dig into this topic. The first sign of dis ease is most always overlooked because it’s not physical. The physical issues are merely symptoms to the present rooted energetic illness.

What contributes to breaking down our body?

• Stagnant energy left in our mental and emotional auric field from unresolved emotions, conflicting thoughts and unaddressed experiences. This can be from a different life experience you are tapped into or your current experience. Look for stagnant energy in meditation and cords connecting you to anything unresolved.

• Trauma passed down in our DNA. Your body responds to your genetic code, which houses your entire being. Generational trauma is always worth healing. We can rewrite our coding to heal any trauma passed down through meditation, play, ancestral work, ritual work, and akashic diving.

• Conditioning from society that breaks down our confidence, strips us from our true identities, and implants feelings of confusion from an early age due to not being able to rely freely on intuition. This creates cognitive dissonance when we hear something that doesn’t align with our conditioned beliefs. Ignoring the discomfort just creates more shame, pain and grief then living in these feelings becomes depression and anxiety. Ultimately we have been taught to not love ourselves and that takes time exploring and shifting that narrative. In the first stages of realizing this you may battle yourself mentally. Reflect on the things you were taught growing up, questioning what you know is healthy and needed! Be gentle as your transition your thinking.

• I was getting to the food, no worries. Everyone has different things that resonate with their bodies at certain times but the fact remains that ALL FOOD has energy! When you consume, you embody the energy of whatever you eat. When the food is processed (another form of conditioning with wanting quick results), GMO, made by man etc — none of that is alright for our natural selves. Also to note that when you eat out and others cook your food, their feelings and intentions go into that too! As you elevate in your spiritual journey, you will notice you eating less. You will be craving more fruit and veggies, sunlight, water, and authentic food. You will notice during fasts or lifestyle changes that we really have tons of issues everyday we ignore because we think it’s normal. If you get a stomach ache, back pain, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, sleepy, MOOD SWINGS, insomnia, trouble focusing etc — none of this is normal and you should be asking your body which foods will work best for it. When your body (your vessel) is cluttered energetically with all things outside of yourself or is weighed down, operating on intuition becomes more difficult. Living as your best self requires your higher self to be living through you, but this becomes a struggle without a healthy body and room energetically. Small lifestyle changes will help you to break food addiction, become more mindful, and have you living in purpose! I’ve done many lifestyle changes over the past 6 years, most which were stepping stones to another lifestyle change and discipline. I stopped taking medications, not even over the counter. Herbs are your friends. Get you some Seamoss. I meditated on food energetically (I do this often) and Alkaline eating is where my body felt the best and the energy was the CLEAREST. Meat is a no unless i raised Betsy myself okay? And even then, our pancreas does not even process the minerals in meat, so the protein we think we are getting is more effectively done through chickpeas, avocados, etc. Fasting also helps to break food addiction which contributes to mental disease since most of us use emotional eating to cope instead of doing the healing. Also, your gut is your second brain, so why wouldn’t food affect your mentally/ override your mental focus? Fasting heals the body and regenerates your dead cells. Yes cancerous cells too. Research but don’t trust everything you read. Look at results and trust intuition. Nothing happens overnight. Always remember that the food industry and big pharma work together for capitalism, oppression, and thriving on our discomfort.

• All unnatural products must go. Medications must go eventually — I’m not saying all at once, but wean yourself off. Start finding alternatives. You will go through a detoxing period that’s painful, but not unbearable! The more you teach yourself about these industries, the less you will partake. Also, Birth control is meant to KILL your womb ladies. They want you to have issues like PCOS, cysts and trauma during pregnancy. Follow your ovulation cycle to prevent pregnancy. They taught us to be disconnected and lazy because our womb is the portal to the heaven within. When you aren’t empowered in your womb, they kill us and every other being we birthed slowly. Every dis ease can be healed. It takes knowledge and willpower combined with consistency.

Healing in this journey begins with believing that you are healthy. Do not claim the dis ease, know that a diagnosis does not define you. Making everyday changes like journaling and meditating in the morning, drinking tea instead of coffee, choosing to cook with intention, taking social media breaks, placing cleansing and protection everyday, saying affirmations when you feel self critical, etc is what makes the difference. Start. You are doing an amazing job. Mindfulness is your key to healing any disease. When you are mindful, your awareness will set you up for success. What we consume on an everyday basis should be confidently chosen by us, with love.

I love you, the divine loves you!

Zayne + Spirits


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