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Inner Child Healing

Have you ever reflected on how your childhood and the things that you experienced or witness has shaped your subconscious patterns? This could be lying because you were beat if you told the truth or not believed anyway. You could have developed a eating pattern based on emotional eating or not eating at all. You may be working through a nail biting habit, tension in the muscles, automatically thinking the worst, etc. There are helpful patterns that we also learn like how to survive when we recognize danger, knowing how to take care of ourselves or others, being selective in who we associate with, etc. There is no good or bad, only the lesson and blessing that presents itself in every situation which means that you can dissect in a impactful way the experiences that you have had to shift your reality now. What we also sometimes forget to acknowledge is that the soul remembers. Whether we see it or not, some of our earlier behaviors come from soul experiences that didn't even happen in this body, and the inner child remembers these clearly. You may have come into this body feeling unsafe, untrusting, hurt, or tired before you had even experienced your life now. This also has a huge impact and why some children show signs of trauma before anything takes place here or they have a traumatic birth from this energy that they carry. Our soul's experiences, whether in this body or not, are our own to heal, learn, and expand upon. It is no one else's responsibility -- not your parents, teachers, siblings, friends, or lovers. The only person that can make peace within you, is you. This doesn't mean that the co created experiences we had are not to be shared in accountability. If your mother abused you, that is her burden to recognize, heal and change from. You can't hold the accountability of anyone else's actions, intentions, or thoughts except for your own. Go ahead and release the victim within, the blame game, and all things that lead to pointing fingers.

Look within and anything that isn't yours to carry, don't. Then see how you contributed or if you were a bystander to another's pain. Sometimes we get hit in the crossfire without knowing why. There is still something to learn and gain from this though. The biggest thing is that you forgive yourself when needed, let go and surrender, and choose to nurture this inner child that may have been carrying so much, for so long.

Here are some (but not limited to) activities to do with the inner child to bring healing:

  • Meditate and call forth your inner child, offering a big hug.

  • Praise the little version of you for how good they are doing.

  • Do fun activities that you loved to do as a child or things you always wanted to do but couldn't.

  • Sing, dance, paint, laugh, run, roll and lay out in the grass, get that pair of skates, play dress up, etc. Freedom of expression is the true nature of the child.

  • Ask your inner child how they feel and create a safe space for that part of you to speak freely.

  • Have heart to hearts with those that impacted your inner child and clear up the air. Allowing your inner child to get things off your chest is healing. (do this for your own release, not the validation)

  • Write a letter to your inner child and create a pact with yourself that you will keep (even if its "i won't make promises i can't keep anymore")

  • Unpack experiences from your childhood with care and always uplift younger you in the process of this. This is not the space for shame, judgement, etc. Many of negative thoughts, doubts and fears are how the inner child feels.

  • Move your inner child into your home with you. Sometimes that part of you is still living in your childhood home.

Do what feels good to you most importantly!

I love you, The Divine Loves you!

Zayne + Spirits


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