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Mental Illness: Changing perspectives

With love, i'm about to tell some of yall some things you may not want to hear. There is NO MENTAL ILLNESS WITHOUT SPIRITUAL WARFARE. As above, so below. Everything happening here is a result of what you are experiencing spiritually. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc... It all comes from needing to cleanse and protect yourself... needing to be at peace internally...

Someone told me you can't discern what is happening at that stage so you need medication... i said baby you need MEDITATION... you need to let the burdens of the world go.. you need to let go of jobs that bring misery and stop lying to yourself about what you want in this life. when you constantly give your power away, of course you will feel powerless in these moments of confusion. It takes practice. I am by no means saying discerning these psychic attacks is easy nor is it simple. Being mindful in your everyday life is what builds your understanding. it takes practicing consistently and learning your own energy so you can discern what is not yours. Your ego will tell you that you were born this way and there is nothing you can do. Society will tell you that you can't be sane without becoming numb (medication). I'm telling you to feel it, understand it, work through it, approach it with confidence, believe that it will be your teacher... You will be greater by over coming instead of saying "this is just how i am" -- at this point you are settling for the bare minimum of yourself.

Mental issues exist, the solution that they give you is harming you more than helping you tho.

When facing a psychic attack you may feel:

drained quickly

headaches (third eye region especially)

Dizzyness/ confusion

Unable to stay awake

slight pains in your body

sickness in your body


Sleep Paralysis

Overpowering voices from spirits/ overactive clairaudience

These are a few and will vary per person

How to work through an attack:

Step away from the situation (even though you may be afraid to be alone, less energy around is better)

Take deep breaths, focus on the inhale/ exhale

Drink water to flush you out

Say your affirmations "I am powerful, I am whole" etc

Fast from food/tv/music/ social media or any outside influence

Have a spiritual buddy on stand by (check in with them about your wellbeing so someone knows whats going on)

Journal your experience, what you are feeling etc

Listen to entity clearing frequencies/ ring bells

Sing/ dance/ hum -- shake the energy out of you


Take a shower + thank the spirit of water for cleansing you

Do a deep cleanse of your home + lay salt outside your doors

Channel your inner child with expressing yourself lovingly

these are a few!

I love you, the divine loves you


** This was a repost from a status that I wrote in 2020. I wanted us to have this info outside of facebook.


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