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Orgasm Restraint

I have seen much discussion about semen retention (which is very important) but I want to discuss the overall purpose of orgasm restraint for both partners, of any sex. The first thing to know is that the orgasm holds incredible power, which is often left unchanneled, wasted, or sucked out of us by our partners or even sex toys. The energetic womb that everyone has is deeply connected to our ability to create and the releasing of this energy can be channelled into strengthening our spirit, auric field, creation of certain outcomes, tapping into other dimensions, addressing healing, purging/ cleansing and so much more. The key to this is to be present and intentional in this process.

Here are a few things that Spirit has shown me regarding interference with the creation process during intimacy with myself or others:

  • Rushing the climax and not building up the energy in your body

  • Seeking the "blank mind" during intimacy

  • Random porn and the energy of strangers; since the energy you watch, witness, etc needs to be intentional with your focus

  • Open portals to people you have had interactions with (especially if your mind continues to wander away from your pleasure and build up)

  • Being uncleansed and unprotected during intimacy, as many psychic attacks happen while vulnerable and energy leeches are drawn to this practice (don't forget that YOU are a portal, and activated sexual energy is highly desired by all beings)

  • Certain music carries vibrations that intercept the intention and don't align the frequency

  • Sex toys with charging abilities and batteries can drain you and cause a clash in the portal (watch to see if you are more drained after using them)

  • Intimate partners that are unaware of themselves, possessed and or unprotected

I recommend taking a close look at what leads you up to orgasming, what is flowing through your mind that brings pleasure, what trigger words you say to yourself or desire another to say. This will often tell you either where the healing needs to take place, what the distraction is, or how you can tap more into what is good for you to fuel the orgasm. Fueling the orgasm with clear intention, affirmation, visualization, and high vibrational energy provides the best results in orgasm retention as well as cultivating the power that will sky rocket what you are embodying/ creating. Before setting the intention, begin getting more intimate with yourself. I always recommend this before creating in partnership. If you can't please yourself, how will you be able to communicate, enjoy and exchange in pleasure with another?

I will go into a bit of personal experience with this next part to provide some examples. While I had not begun to heal my sexual trauma or lack of self worth yet, I attempted to manifest while being intimate. I found a few things that helped me gain further awareness in what I was over looking; 1. I was drained afterwards while my partners all had incredible energy. 2. I was extremely susceptible to attacks from attachments that were on my partners and would often be the one fighting the entities alone. 3. I enjoyed painful dialogue during sex because I did not recognize my worth. 4. I felt that pleasuring others while being unsatisfied or even in pain made me worthy or good enough (from survival mode). 5. I did not know what true pleasure felt like so I always rushed the orgasm and I sought for my mind to "leave" me while having sex. I also recognized later that unless I address my trauma, I was unable to let my walls down to feel safe enough with anyone to feel pleasure, truly.

So, how can we create a sacred space to heal, experience true pleasure, and to channel this beautiful energy?

  • Cleanse and protect yourself before getting intimate. Try this with yourself first and bring this practice in with partners later. You can visualize the cleansing and protection, brush yourself with selenite and black onyx, take a spiritual bath, light a candle with the intention, smudge, speak it over you and into the walls of your space, etc. C+P is not a "one method is right while the other is wrong" instead, ask your spirit what feels right to you. Meditation before hand also helps us to find our focus for the intimate time, if desired.

  • Set an intimate mood with incense and candles, dimmed light, and soothing low frequency or sound healing music. When you are fresh out of the bath or shower, massage yourself head to toe with oils or body butter, really taking your time thanking each part of your body. Ask your body is there anything you need to be more relaxed and at ease. The motion is to feel safe in your care.

  • Slowly touch all over your body, being sensual with yourself and be sure to release any judgement if it appears during this process. You may even giggle, smile, embrace yourself which is beautiful. This is establishing a clear connecting to making love to yourself. You don't need to rush any part of this and you may recognize your physical reactions changing just from pouring love into you.

  • When you make your way to your portal or love space, massage around the area and lightly stimulate yourself with gentle rubs, grazing your fingertips against the lips or phallus, etc. Continue to speak love, power, confidence, worth, joy, peace, ease, healing, etc into you. If something appears in your mind, memory, or in judgement to yourself, say " thank you for coming. I am now releasing you with love." Envision this energy leaving your body as you identify it.

  • You can play with the visualization but I would start out with seeing you as your best self, living the life that you desire, healthy and happy. This is a good time to envision you healed from illness, trauma and to bring to life what it feels like when you show up as this version of you. What does living a pleasurable life feel like to you? You can also strengthen psychic abilities, tap into deeper healing, etc but It really just depends on you. This is just my first suggestion.

  • As you feel the orgasm coming and building up, keep a steady speed and play with the pressure of your stimulation. Envision a tunnel for this energy to connect to the first visual so that when you do release, you will be channeling this energy towards your vision.

  • Withstand the desire to orgasm for as long as you can. Orgasm restraint helps you in unleashing more power for a specific purpose so holding off or edging yourself creates friction, also catapulting your energy into moving this desire into the physical.

  • Once you do orgasm, or if you dry orgasm without actually releasing, envision this energy moving down that tunnel and into the visualization. You can also make that tunnel go to your spirit body, strengthening you spiritually and replenishing your present being. Anything that comes out of you should replenish you.

  • Close your portals by stating the intention to close them as well as envisioning the tunnel closing.

You may feel mentally tired from the visualization and process, but the more you do this, the easier it becomes. You can also just put that energy back into you and worship you, without a specific goal in mind other than self love. There are infinite ways to channel this energy but tap into yourself to confirm what you need for that moment.

May this assist you in channeling all of that divine energy that lives inside of you.

I love you, The divine loves you

Zayne + Spirits


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