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Prosperity Ritual Messages (May)

Here is the channeled message thread for the prosperity ritual: I haven’t lit the candle yet, but as I was preparing, I can feel the frustration on y’all. Tired. Sad. Sick. Upset. Mad at yourself because you gave into some pressure with your finances. Maybe you got that loan you had no business getting or committed to something that will drain you energetically recently. Spirit says this burden keeps you out of your natural flow and alignment with all that is plentiful for you. Do not make things harder on yourself. If you know it causes more grief than good, leave it alone. Some of y’all have been in the constant survival mode so much that blessings look and feel alittle foreign to you (perspective wise) but you have been blessed even in your own chaos.

There is a man who is milking a woman for her stability. Drop that man. Said man is running from himself and is lazy in his purpose. He has no business leeching on your energy.

I see you saying “I’m doing it for my baby / babies” — meaning you may be compromising your worth for others. Trust me, your children don’t need the passed down trauma that comes with selling your body or self in general. You won’t struggle if you stop the cycle. You have to trust that a way will be made and you do not have to dig a deeper hole for you. Write down what you want to stop doing for money. Burn it. Then Write down the vision for yourself that feels safe and secure without compromising. Meaning WHAT IS IN YOUR HIGHEST GOOD? — not a temporary fix. But if you had no restraints (you don’t already but you feel that you do) — what would you do with your life? Can you see a vision for you that doesn’t require you to struggle?

I see a business that has done well so far but you want to push further. You want generational wealth. You are ready to recognize that you are with the big dawgs (those of us who create our reality as we please) — the first step for you is to release your fear of self. Stop being afraid of how great you are. You are scared of your own power. Harness it. Learn to control your energy. Focus is your friend. You have too many distractions that keep you at that level. You don’t need to sacrifice what is fun, you need to sacrifice what is temporary for how big you want to show up as. This means you need balance to be in your heart space more. Don’t over think your success. Let it come with ease. Don’t force anything. It will FEEL right. Use your intuition in business. I know that’s far fetched for some, but fuck em! When you live in purpose, spirit needs to guide your business.

There is a lovers quarrel....spirit is speaking on LISTENING being the key. If you doing all the talking, how can you know the position of your partner? How can you know the intent? Listen to spirit first cause the energy says it all. Don’t listen to respond, listen to understand.

This saying also goes for why some of you have been in meditation... and you can’t hear spirit... hmm I wonder why? Probably because you chatting it up without being open to receive! The answer to everything you have fumbled with has been inside of you. Trust that. Listen more. If you don’t hear anything, be patient with yourself.

Such moving force to shift lives and make profound changes. There is a deep pain in the heart that is being released. Fear can not live here. Most of us stop or limit ourselves because of the fear that lives in us. We have to evict our fear. Let it go. Allow for your heart and spirit to guide you. Spirit says “you can not allow for your mountains to be BIGGER than you. See yourself as a giant to your struggles!!! Claim your power! Call it back to you. Some of you are operating in lack 24/7. Spirit is removing your burdens. I’m literally watching it being melted away. see it dispersing!

The big thing is it you lack gratitude for what you have, how can you appreciate what your life will look like next? How will you not take for granted the life that you desire? Spirit often wants us to see that we have much to be thankful for even in struggle and strife. When we fill out life with “I’m greatful for breath, I’m greatful for clarity, I’m greatful for strength, I’m greatful for unexpected money, I’m greatful for 750 credit score, I’m greatful for my student loans being handled, I’m greatful for my bills being paid with ease ETC” and even if that hasn’t happened yet, you are WILLING it into your reality. You know you already have it. So don’t say “I want this or I need this” say “I’m thankful for this” that narrative will change your life dramatically.

Our candle ended at 9:16 pm.


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