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Spiritual Awakening Channeled Messages

Channeled messages for the Spiritual awakening ritual which began at 8:22 pm.

The first message is that there needs to be an opening of many hearts. So many are closed off to comfort. Closed off from love, no I’m not talking about just romantic. This is a love that you refuse to accept from yourself or your spirit team. This is a divine love that is infinite and you reject it because it’s foreign to you. What would you do if you knew that you are loved regardless of the choices you made? What if you knew that you are the very love that you reject? Rejecting of love is a rejection of self. The choice to refuse ease and flow is a wounded divine feminine. Healing is taking place here but there is no assignment to obtain that healing. Your existence is healing. Your joy is healing. Just be. Just accept. Acceptance is the key to tapping into your divinity. Return to you.

Victim mindsets have to clear for you to stop being angry at the spirits that take care of you. Some of us have been blaming spirit, God, the universe and anyone else just to deflect from truth. This ritual will bring you to your truth and that may be painful at first. You need the release, allow it to come, accept it, observe it. Observe the thoughts that no longer serve you, thank them. Then allow your spirit to speak through you. Say “I am transmuting these outdated thoughts into love and accepting the download with new thinking that serves me right this moment.”

I see shadows following around someone who is in denial that they are a medium. You need to help these spirits and get curious. Your fear is taking all of the play out of your experience. Many of us see spirits as something outside of our realm but they are you and you are them so instead of allowing separation to fuel fear; allow oneness to bridge the gaps. They are beings just like you. The more you get to know yourself, the more you will know what is of your current experience and what is a spirits experience. Create clear boundaries. Establish a relationship. The ancestors said STOP VIEWING US AS YOUR “SUPREME SAVIORS” — leave that mindset behind. That was for Religion beloved. YOU ARE GOD. The eternal being is you. We assist as an extension / expression of the primordial being which is the same as you. We assist in spirit now while you have flesh. We live through you now. We don’t save you. You save yourself. You are supported. Stop worshiping us tho. There is a desire for your divinity To shine but THE LACK OF DISCIPLINE IS NOT GOING TO CUT IT! Your body and mind has to be ready to receive it. If you aren’t used to this power you can throw your entire vessel out of whack by forcing all this power into you. You need to be lighter. Fast from a variety of things, whatever you think about reading this is what you need to let go of for now. I’m hearing — heavy food, spending habits, emotional outbursts (checking your reactions), unprotected sex. These are a few things holding some of us down. You want to control big power but can’t even control your self presently. What

Good will you be to your higher self? How can you be a vessel that way? Do you even believe in you?

You must first understand you. honor you. You will put more respect on your divinity once you see.Whew y’all ain’t going to like this one but please stop getting readings from everyone. Wait til you feel truly drawn to them. Sit on it. Everyone don’t need to touch your energy. You will fight and struggle more with all this interference and no protection. I see someone is is getting readings from someone and they don’t even like you. You are letting someone who ain’t even showing up in their own life be a vessel for you. Get your ass in meditation. The way some of us want to control every aspect of this journey is ridiculous to the spirits. It’s a lot of people who want immediate answers and haven’t spent not a moment trying to ask themselves.On the other hand I see some people getting a dose of their own disrespectful medicine. You don’t value the energy work like you should and when you begin doing this same work, the ancestors are going to hand your ass to you so that you start respecting the energy exchange. I feel a major transmutation for the third eye happening and this is opening you up. If your ears are hurting you need to cut out all extra media so you can hear the spirits but also hear your inner dialogue. there are many of you who are about to start remembering. Your soul is about to bring a lot to the surface. I feel a peace of mind but also an excitement to finally be getting g movement from a blockage. The flames are going wild right now. They are calling forth action to remove the baggage from you as you step right on through this door. You must let it go or you will suffer. Don’t be afraid. I’m hearing “drop that lover, drop that friend.” The past will try to come with you. These energies know you are powerful and want to suck you dry. Even the wax from the past is trying to communicate with the spirit to try and persuade you. Our wax is now in the shape of wings. The past couldn’t touch what is overflowing into your present and future (respectively for 3D terms) But the truth is that it never could. Trust yourself. The internet is doing you no good. Believe what you see and hear. Please. The spirits are literally like STOP TAKING IT LIGHTLY. Stop taking your abilities and connection lightly. You down playing yourself. You playing yourself. It’s really from your upbringing that taught you to distrust you along with the programming from the world but oh baby you are remembering you. All of those nudges are important. Dive into that intuition. Talk to it. Get familiar with the way your spirit communicates physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. All levels. Treat yourself like you are dating yourself and this should help change the mindset a bit. Your spirits are asking you to lay down the performance magic and get to the nitty gritty of your creation. Magic is you. The way you do it is just your souls expression. Sometimes we begin expressing magic from a ego - performative space. Recognize if you have been pushing yourself to do certain rituals just cause it’s popular or cool. Sometimes the ritual is just being present with the shift. Sometimes it’s getting in meditation and moving shit with your mind. Sometimes it’s resting and allowing the shift to come with ease. You need to listen to what YOU need to express and what needs rest. Stop expressing just so you can gossip or brag about it. Or even doing it to feel like you have “done something spiritual” — this is a falsehood because you just being is spiritual. Lol just acknowledge you.


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