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Visualization is one of the strongest disciplines that you can use. Most are saying “huh?? It’s not cleansing? Praying over your alter? Cleaning your body out?” Nope. This key component is actually overlooked by most who have a spiritual practice or just living in their waking life. It is comparable to the strength of intentionally doing everything. We often have conversations about visualization when manifesting, but that is not all visualization can do. Visualization IS THE CREATION OF YOUR REALITY. It goes hand in hand with intention. Once you have the intention, you must SEE it. “Seeing it is believing it” but no one ever restricted that to seeing with your two eyes. Once we recognize the value of seeing in our minds eye, we begin to understand how this shifts everything around and within us.

For this to truly be effective, we must understand the circumstances before we begin shifting visually. This means that you must be willing to see the present and the root of how this energy has transpired up until now. We may not always see the truth in its raw form with our perspective, but being open to receive that truth often brings us to where we need to be. You can still shift energy even without knowing the cause, but accepting something where it currently is allows this energy to flow better and the lesson that comes with that energy no longer circulates in your life. This is especially relevant when breaking cycles. Not all present energy that you are shifting will be unfavorable. You can be perfectly happy where you are and know that more is unfolding for you, therefore you will have to see bigger for yourself to accept those upcoming transitions. Think of it as preparation for a new chapter in your life.

It is okay to be content and to still know that this is not the end of your evolution. The basic visualizations that I recommend for everyone to start with is cleansing, protection and grounding. This does get tiring if you are not used to it, so be ready to recharge with some water and a little rest. It should not make you sleep, but you should feel like you have been using your utmost concentration.

We will start with cleansing, protecting yourself, then you will expand it to your room, and then your entire home. Begin in a quiet space alone so your focus is uninterrupted. Close your eyes and take repetitive deep breaths, slowly inhaling, holding that breath for 3-10 seconds and then slowly exhaling. Do this until you are extremely relaxed, almost in a meditative state. Then say “I am downloading in my minds eye, the current energetic reading of myself.”

Trust what comes to you. You may see colors, waves of energy or feel tingling/ pain (that comes and goes) — There is really no end to how your intuition communicates with you which is why it’s important to write these things down and meditate on what you do not understand. Everyone’s intuition communicates differently. Whatever is revealed to you, sit with it for a moment and begin to identify what you can. You may not uncover it all, and everything isn’t meant to be revealed, but know that what does come is enough. This awareness helps you to get to the root cause. There may be heaviness in your chest because of unrequited affection, unable to speak clearly because of hiding what needs to be said, or an upset stomach because your fear is overwhelming. These are not particular to you, just possibilities.

With the intention to cleanse, envision a white light coming into your crown and flowing through your body. You will feel it move as you slowly push it down. It will be dissolving, removing, or pulling the stagnant energy/ attachments down into the earth. You will feel lighter as you do this. Then you will see the white light gathering in your stomach (solar plexus) which is your power house. This is where your will strengthens and weakens, or where you give to much power or too little. Envision this light projecting out of your stomach and wrapping around you like a bubble. This is your protection, so make it thick and strong. Once you feel that you have a good solid orb around you, envision another bubble around the first one, expanding it to all corners of the room. See the protection SEEP into the walls, ceiling and floor. You would do the same for another protection around your home. Or a loved one. The possibilities are endless so do not let this method remain just for protection. Once you practice this, it becomes easier to SEE and then SHIFT OR TRANSMUTE energy around you or within you.

Use this method to see clearly into the dynamics of a situation and then transmute any energy that does not serve you with love. This has worked for me continuously and the better I become at this, the better my results are. Of course, once you shift the energy, you can not go back doing what originally caused that vibration or you will have to clear this again.

With love,



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