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Like many of us, I share a story of pain and grief rooted in childhood trauma and programming.

Prior to 2016, I did not realize that I had no clue who I was. I knew that I wanted to help others and make a difference when it came to bringing community together but I was mindlessly surviving in a victim mentality. My first business and passion, Imprinted Souls, had "failed" in society's eyes and I was truly lost at what to do after no longer resonating with it. A car accident led to a full year in therapy which called for me to think deeper about who I am and what I wanted for my life. I began to focus on meditation, connecting to my truest self, spirit team, divination, and creating a relationship with herbs and my magic. With the help of shadow work, slowing down and self love, I began to realize that I had several spiritual encounters, awakenings, and experiences throughout my life that previously were overlooked. I remembered seeing spirits as a child and having deep astral experiences but I ran from this path due to fear for many years. After deciding that I would no longer allow fear to control me, I learned to trust my intuition and my spiritual gifts unfolded. I am medium and shaman of many lifetimes. I have embraced the past 7 years of dedication by expanding my practice, ultimately diving deep into everything that I have been called to do which lead me to creating the Ancestor Collections, AEHI for conducting research on healing disease through energy healing, and cultivating my own techniques for shapeshifting into our happiest selves through Energetic Body Contouring. Each of my products are channeled and crafted by the very ancestors that aid my ritual work and personal journey which are Ku, Kay Chi, and Mazela. They are collective ancestors that are working in the favor of our community's growth and healing. If you are drawn to the products that we provide, my ancestors are ready to work with you on your journey as well.  I am present in our paths crossing in the most sacred space.

I love you, the Divine loves you. 

Zayne Spirit 

 Reiki Teacher, Birth and Bereavement Doula, Psychic Medium and Coach

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