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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique that originated in Japan and involves Spirit Energy moving through the practitioners body as they allow spirit to direct healing either to themselves or others. This is a practice that holds space for the healing to take place.

What I Offer As A Teacher:


History + Decolonizing Reiki

Decolonizing reiki involves being upfront about how Reiki spread to the west and what can be done moving forward to practice this ancestral tradition with honor and respect. Discussion and research are done on the history of Japan and Shintoism which have influence in Reiki.

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You are thoroughly supported on this journey and it is a blessing to share space together as we grow. You will have my ongoing support as you develop your understanding, techniques, and self mastery. I am here to walk with you through the tough questions, unlocking your spiritual abilities and establishing healthy patterns.


Energy Work Basics

We cover the techniques passed down in our lineage to cultivate sacred space for cleansing, protection, grounding, and healing. Ancestral techniques are developed in practice. I highly recommend opening space for you to practice energy healing from an ancestral perspective. 



Our goal is to support healers to continue healing. It is pivotal in our lineage to be of service, and to honor that tradition is to provide teaching by equal exchange or donation. You honoring this equal exchange upfront is key and symbolic of your commitment as well.

Reciprocity is how we communicate.  

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Attunements are initiations, blessings for your journey and milestones before diving into another chapter. I offer a Reiki one combined attunement, Reiki two attunement, and Mastery Attunement. This journey is self paced and is a commitment to your healing.



Whether you follow through with one training or the entire mastery journey with me is your choice. Those that choose to move into mastery to teach others will be apart of and contributing to a beautifully evolving lineage that represents service, healing, community and unfolding ancestral tradition. 

Things to know:

As stated above, this journey is self paced but completion of all three usually takes a year or more.

Teaching is facilitated through video or in person if you are in the Illinois area.

Spirit will not allow me to teach you if you are not in alignment with this path,

which will be made clear once I reach and respond to your inquiry.

I teach 1 on 1 or in small groups for Reiki One. All other Reiki levels are 1 on 1.

Waiting List

To register for the waiting list, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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