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Frequently Asked Questions 


How long does shipping take? 

Shipping for products can take up to a week. With COVID, shipping is taking longer and I advise keeping an eye on your tracking information that will be sent to your email once shipped. 

What do i use if i'm having trouble conceiving? 

Divine Child Ritual Powder! Pair this with the fuck me ritual powder also for best results.


What do I use for negotiations, wanting something to be in my favor, or confidence with a situation?

The Warrior Ritual Powder.

What do i use for daily protection?

Protection oil which can be used on objects, your home, on you before bed if you have nightmares etc.

What are the best tools for cleansing on the site?

3rd eye cleanser and Medicine Woman Ritual Powder. 

What do i use for passion and a real connection in the bedroom?

Fuck me ritual powder has irresistible energy that attracts a partner or heightens the energy between you and your current partner.

What do i use for physical or mental illness?

The Medicine Woman Ritual Powder.

How do i do the spirit bath?

There are multiple ways but the way that i use faithfully is the following:

Bring pot of water to a boil

Add 2 table spoons of medicine woman ritual powder

About 1/4 cup of florida water

1/2 cup of coconut milk

Stir with intent and let cool. Bring into bathroom and shower as usual, then take the mixture in your hands and begin to work the mixture up from the bottom of your feet up to your neck. You can do your crown also if you want. You can add protection or awakening oil into this bath or you can put them on afterwards.

What do i use for my spiritual awakening?

Anything in the Kay Chi Collection!

How can i submit my situation/ question to Living In Spirit Podcast?

Submissions are done by sending the question or situation that you need advice on to -- be mindful that this is not a reading but simply an advice column.


How do the perfumes work?

When you purchase a perfume, you are acquiring my ancestor's essence and energy. For example, If you are looking for prosperity, my ancestor Ku's energy is infused in your perfume then you would receive the product to connect even further with the ancestor. The Perfume is simply to be used in specific situations, for your own spells, within your home, or for daily use. You can spray yourself or the area before meditation or manifesting. This work is very powerful! Read the descriptions carefully to be sure of what you are summoning in your life. Mindfulness is the key to any successful work.


What do I do when the bottle is finished?

Each bottle you will need to bury in the earth or in a potted plant once empty.

Are the perfumes just for women? 

No! You can use different methods to getting the most from the perfumes, such as spraying the room, your shoes, or even items if you just so happen to not want the scent on you. The perfumes each have a unique scent crafted from the ancestors but majority of them are androgynous.

What if I don’t want someone to know I’m using a perfume?

The best magic is secretive which is why only the name is on the actual bottle and it comes in a black velvet pouch.

How long do the spells work?

Until your bottle is empty. 

How can i use the perfumes?

Spray on yourself, on your tools, on your job application for that opportunity, on your bed for tantric, on your pillow for those prophetic dreams, on your sacral chakra for fertility, on your money etc. you can use them for any and everything. The bottle does contain oils and alcohol, so be careful not to use directly on candles for example. But you can spray the room or yourself beforehand.

Can the perfumes but used on candles?

No! They are flammable. You can spray you, on the alter or on tools associated with the work. You can get creative with them. Use oils if you want to dress candles.

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