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15 Day Juice Fast

15 day juice fast

I must begin this by stating that this is not my first fast. I have been intermittent fasting since 2018/2019 and November 2020 was my first 21 day fast. Spirit only called for 15 days with this one. I always experience greater levels of spiritual awareness and ability on a fast (which i'll discuss in another post why fasting is important spiritually) -- but there are many physical, mental and emotional benefits which will be my main point here. There are different levels to fasting but i always recommend water or juice fasts, water being the most cleansing and effective but if you have never fasted before, a juice fast may be best for you. When you are fasting, it give your organs a rest, time to heal, focus on purging foreign matter and anything that doesn't work well with your system. Your body may experience many changes but trust that it is for the best. I no longer deal with emotions that come with hunger, in fact, i was never really hungry during this fast but in the past I had to overcome emotional eating. Fasting is what helped to heal my emotional eating and the root of my trauma that brought me to food every time. I no longer experience being "hangry" which is a side effect from eating foods that are toxic to you. Most foods that we eat that aren't organic and unprocessed affect the mind from being clear, which moves us into a space of reaction instead of control. What we consume is very important to how we function as a whole.

Prior to this, I have been healing from a car accident that happened in January and I knew I needed to give my body time to heal properly. Apart of my focus has been aligning my jaw, neck and back so the 15 days really was to focus all of my cells attention on purging and aligning. I went with a lot of the same juices but i wrote some recipes to others down below that you may enjoy.

Day 1: this was a rather easy day for me. I used the bathroom quite a lot from my colon cleanse capsules the night before which I could tell worked. I did catch myself looking at my food photos while clearing room in my photo album. Needless to say, I had to put the photos away for the sake of temptation. I went to bed early to get more rest and took my colon cleanse again.

Juice: Apple, pear, lime, ginger

Day 2: Colon cleanse gave release and I slept well. No hunger pains but my intestines were scrambling alittle, healing unprocessed energy and matter.

Juice: Apple, pear, lime, ginger

Day 3: I forgot to take the colon cleanse, exercised and got a good mile walk in. had a reiki session done for me and was very productive all day. It was hard to sleep because I had so much energy.

Juice: kale, kiwi, apple, pear, lime, ginger, mint

Day 4: took my colon cleanse and felt much difference. I have 6 pounds lighter from the beginning of my fast. I am more tired today, needing more water and rest. I do not plan to do more than the bare minimum like juicing for tomorrow.

Juice: kale, kiwi, apple, pear, lime, ginger, mint

Day 5: I was very busy for day 5. I deep cleaned the entire house, took a spirit bath, dropped off packages, picked up offerings and produce, a 3 mile walk, then completed my ritual at night. I have lost an additional 3 pounds.

Juice: blueberries apple pear mango

Additional juice: ginger, apple, mint, beet

Day 6: Today is a rest day. I didn’t sleep much after the ritual. Today I noticed that my natural deodorant is not working well with my body while im fasting. My body is detoxing to where even the deepest of foreign matter in my body must leave, causing a slight smell even with the deodorant that has worked great for two years. I am going to do a bentonite clay detox for my armpits so that whatever is in my lymphatic system can release properly. This just means I’ll wash my pits with lime juice until I smell nothing at all. This may be the turning point to where I won’t need any deodorant at all, which i'm hoping for. Our body only smells when we are not in proper alignment with what is being digested.

Juice: Strawberry, green apple

Day 7: I slept 11 hours last night. Definitely need more water intake this rising. I have to slowly stand up so that I am not dizzy. I can tell my body is purging even more today. lost 10 pounds total

Juice: strawberry green apple

Day 8: I woke up after a really great rest. My dreams were clear from last night. I am using the bathroom for a #2 every other day now. Still releasing though. I can tell my body is healing what was not in the best shape when I started and i'm experiencing slight pain with old wounds too. Today I will focus on my reiki and realignment. I completed an armpit detox with Bentonite clay.

Juice: apple ginger orange mint dragon fruit

Day 9: I need more water intake, I have had a few dizzy spells but was able to get back up after water and grounding exercises. My meditation and dreams were beautiful, very revealing. I feel more connected to me. I slept for a long time.

Juice : blackberry, raspberry, mangos, peaches, plums

Day 10: This is a busy day so I got plenty of rest. The antioxidants from the fruits are helping along with my meditations / reiki session. I take my spirit bath today along with reiki from my reiki master. A bump appeared at the roof of my mouth, I feel it is purging the energy im healing from my jaw hurting. Also sensitivity on my skin. i did another bentonite clay armpit cleanse today.

Juice : blackberry, raspberry, mangos, peaches, plums

Day 11: the reiki session from last night opened my eyes to deeper healing with the dragon flame within me and our lineage. I took my capsules for Seamoss, bladderwrack and burdock. I woke up feeling good. My dream wasn’t clear but it was a clear purging on my childhood and early adulthood feelings. Less pain today.

Juice: ginger mint apple orange kale

Day 12: I woke up feeling good. I spent the entire day playing music and learning. I did feel tired around 7 pm and needed to lay down. Vivid dreams.

No juice, only water and herbs.

Day 13: Vivid dreams again. I did light work. Went to the chiropractor. Took my seamoss and herbs. Had peppermint tea to give my gut something to really move it. Went for a walk. Spirit had me diving into my ancestry and deeper into Japanese history to have a stronger connection with reiki. I had so much energy that I could not sleep until 2 am.

Juice: ginger, apple, mint, orange, passionfruit

Day 14: started the day with seamoss and other herbs. Cleansed, baked bread and made veggie broth for the end of my fast at dinner day 15. Taught my first reiki student. Deciding that I need more water. Took a walk. Short lightheadedness from lack of sleep. I feel clear mentally and retaining information well.

Juice: ginger, apple, mint, orange, kale

Day 15: Had the Ceremony for my student. took a spirit bath and my herbs. I have been really practicing my fire energy and Ki (energy) control. I have increased energy in my hands, immediate grounding and quick results in my visualization in general. I started with a mango, strawberry, blackberry and coconut milk smoothie to get my stomach used to something heavier. My bread and broth was delicious. The bump on the roof of my mouth is gone.

Juice ideas:







Jolly Rancher


Green apple


Tangy Green Delight








Wild Orange




Healing Water


Aloe Vera

South Island





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