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Alkaline Ramen + Fried Sushi

If anyone knows me, they know that I LIVE for Asian food. I could eat ramen and sushi everyday. This recipe was a hit or miss with the sushi because I haven't made it for myself since being alkaline, but it came out delicious!

Grocery list:

Nori sheets


Black rice

Spelt flour





Hemp seeds

Chickpea flour

Sparkling spring water

Coconut aminos


Put one cup of black rice and 2 cups of spring water into a pot, bring to a boil.

Turn the stove on low, cover the rice and let simmer for about 40-60 mins.

You can soak your rice the night before to bring your cook time down as well.

Heat up your oven to 350.

Cut a portobello mushroom into slices and cover in sea salt, onion powder, and grapeseed oil

Let bake for 20 mins.

Slice thin strips of Zucchini (about half for two sushi logs) and 1 Avocado.

Take your bamboo mat and nori sheet, lay out your rice all over the sheet, leaving an inch of nori showing at the top. Line up the avocado, mushrooms, and zucchini strips. Roll from the bottom up towards the nori that isn't covered, making sure to pack it tightly. You can eat it like this or move into this next step.

You can add seamoss gel to your rice to make it stick together but i didn't do that, which lead me to frying these! It really took it to the next level.

Take a cup of spelt flour, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, ginger and onion powder then slowly add in sparkling spring water. Make this into a dough, and let sit for 5 minutes. Lay out flour on your surface and then roll out the dough like you would a pizza but slightly bigger than the size of your sushi log. Once the dough is done, place the sushi on top, centered and wrap the dough around the sushi until fully covered. Fry your log on medium heat with grapeseed oil, browning each side like a burrito. Cut into sushi roll slices and plate with a side of coconut aminos (for soy sauce alternative)


Chop 1 onion, 1 portobello mushrooms, and a handful of kale

Use a pot to Saute the onion and mushroom in grapeseed oil, leaving the kale out until later

Use a spiralizer for zucchini noodles, using a half to a whole zucchini

Once the onions and mushrooms are almost done, add in the noodles and kale

After a few minutes, add in your homemade veggie broth (click for previous post)

You add your broth in only a few minutes before serving to get it hot.


Mix up half a cup of chickpea flour, a dash of sea salt and onion powder then add sparkling spring water until you have batter slightly thinner than pancake batter. You then would fry this batter in a pan with grapeseed oil and stir in the pan like you would eggs to get them fluffy and separated. They only need about a minute to two. Don't stop cutting into them until you get the size "scrambled egg" that you like.

Pour ramen into your bowl, add hemp seeds and your chickpea eggs on top!


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