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Conscious Connections

The topic of energy vampires and how to not be so open to others has come up this week, so let’s discuss conscious connections. I pick up on everything to perceive it in truth and choose what to allow in my space and how much of me I give moving forward. We are responsible for protecting ourselves and using our discernment.

When you constantly have people tugging on you without you in control of how much or how little, you will either be swept away by the current or you will be too worn out to really do much else, making your battles much more difficult than they have to be. We do not have to be so exhausted in this journey but often people of high spiritual energy lack this tack, creating disfunction in everyday life.

-In the first few minutes of speaking with someone, I read the energy and intention. Energy is truth. Not actions, not words, not anything else. Read the energy then the actions then the words. It will never steer you wrong. People lie to themselves all day and it’s up to you to not be fooled by their own illusions.

-In the beginning of an encounter I come to understand what the PURPOSE of this meeting is. Usually that is where you will see if they are bringing something for you, if you will be bringing something to them, or both. Of course, we can gain from every connection, as nothing is one sided, but this is where you can determine what role, lessons, etc you or this person will embody in this connection. Knowing if these encounters are meant to be short lived or if you need to restrain on certain verbiage (due to their own lack of understanding) will greatly help your disposition. We meet people where they are and then stretch them just enough to elevate their thinking. We aren’t bringing them to where we are consciously yet. Remember that it took a journey for you to get here and they are on one too. Sometimes we are just the catalyst for expansion and we must be mindful of comprehension. This is where I like to just let spirit guide the encounter. If they don’t know love, explain that love is not what they understand. If they perceive your divine love as earthly love, they will be stuck in their consciousness unless you are clear on the boundaries and state it everytime. Same goes with any spiritual lesson. You can’t speak in spiritual resonance to people who will twist truth into something beneficial to their ego. Especially if you are looking to RELATE. Certain conversation ain’t for everybody.

-If spirit gives you an assignment with someone, it’s business. It’s not personal. Meaning you will revoke accessibility to your personal desires, thoughts, and expressions for the sake of keeping the message clear. This keeps me detached and in clarity when dealing with my clients.

Now for the fun energetic part. Protection through visualization and affirmation. I have already written about this but you must begin by believing you can do it.

So many tell me that visualizing is difficult so let’s start with a mindset shift. You CAN visualize. The more you speak over you with “can’t” and “don’t” — that is limiting for you. Start speaking CAN over everything you feel that you aren’t as good at. This will start shifting your ability. Claim who you want to show up as. I am a spirit alchemist, an energy transmitter, a sacred ceremony vessel. Speaking this over me has enhanced my abilities and tapped into the real power in which I am. Affirmations trigger a response in your cells, and they respond. Your energy responds. Trust yourself as you are more capable than you realize. Just because you don’t get a vision, doesn’t mean you can’t SEE energetically. It doesn’t mean you don’t have control over your energy. You do. It’s time to take your power back.

If you feel your energy being tugged on, immediately say “I am calling my power back to me and transmuting all attempts at taking from me into protection” and envision the bubble around you. Thick and impenetrable. Take deep breaths and focus on your diaphragm. See your energy returning to you in your solar plexus (stomach). Spirit gave me a visual to focus on: If you are meant to give in a divine appointment to someone who is unconscious of their energy or is trying to attach to you, envision a small light bubble coming from your stomach and transfer this bubble to your hand. See yourself placing this light into the person. This is a conscious gifting of energy that does not deplete you and will provide what the person needs to see. If they try to tap into more, they will be met with a jolt from your protective barrier, letting their energy know that they don’t have access to anything more.

This took practice for me and I still practice to be better and more thorough. Visions have nothing to do with this skill. Yes it helps, but not needed. Communicate with your higher self and ask for guidance in becoming better at this. You will see it unfold. Spiritual development and strength comes from building muscle. Exercise daily.

I love you, the divine loves you.

Be mindful.

Zayne + Spirits


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