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House Cleansing

There are so many ways to energetically cleanse your home, but I’ll walk you through some methods that spirit led me to do before my ritual tonight and a few from experience over the years.

— Actually clean your house. This sounds like a given, but many do not know that lower vibrational energy gravitates towards dark, wet, cramped, and unclean places. Wash your sheets, clean your alter, sweep, mop, everything. Cleanliness is closest to divinity and I would even go as far as saying MINIMALISM in a lot of ways. The less clutter, the better I usually feel. This makes room for all of the yummy energy you are calling forth and also creates a free flowing space for the high vibrational energy to move. Lower vibrational energy moves at a slower pace, higher energy moves faster. This is why we often see shadows for walking spirits that have not left earth and light beams or orbs for higher dimensional energy. Neither is good or bad. All vibrations are necessary in this experience. You choose which to engage and operate in.

—Open up a window to let the old energy out as you clean.

— Create a mixture with lemons, oils and herbs and put them into a pot of water. Boil this water and let the aroma fill your home. I kept mine going for about two hours. You can easily use kitchen herbs like bay leaf, basil, rosemary, or mint. Use whatever you have on hand that fits the INTENTION you are setting in your home. I used peppermint oil, frankincense oil and protection oil from my collection. I also mixed my warrior powder and medicine woman ritual powder in to reinforce protection, healing, cleansing, courage, and strength.

I take some of this mixture and a rag to wash my walls and doors down, especially where I sleep and my alter space.

You can also use Florida water and Rum on the walls or fill up a spray bottle to spray your rooms.

—Place cinnamon (for wealth) in your hand and blow alittle bit into each room as you lay salt (cleansing/ protection) on the floors. Make sure that you are chanting, praying or calling forth your intention in each room. Speak life into your home, it is listening!

After I sweep, I mop with a full moon potion I made to bring success and happiness to my home. You would do something similar to the mixture you made for the boiling water. I use one of these below to make it easier.

—Pour a line a salt outside your front door for protection.

—I say thank you to my home for shelter and warmth. Gratitude to my spirits for continuously comforting me and blessing this home. Thankful to myself for valuing my temple and sacred space. Thankful that I am expressing my love for me by shifting the energy. Gratitude is the attitude of wealth and happiness!

I follow up with a spirit bath for myself as well! I hope this helps you on your journey loved ones.


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